The history of the BÉT50 publication began in 2016. Its aim is to direct the attention of the domestic economic sphere to the domestic companies that provide outstanding performance and thus continuously increase their competitiveness. A basic requirement when selecting a company is that it is able to show outstanding success in its own market, it has a successful past and has growth potential that can be a good basis for future expansion, be it listing, international expansion, company development, or other investment.

The BSE is committed to not only identifying companies that are ripe for listing or on the right growth trajectory to reach potential issuers as soon as possible but also to locate and contact them. As a result, the Exchange visits fifty successful Hungarian companies every year in the publication “BÉT50 - Fifty Prosperous Hungarian Companies”.


BÉT50 Kiadvány 2019

BÉT50 - 2019 edition

BÉT50 kiadvány 2018

BÉT50 - 2018 edition

BÉT50 kiadvány 2017

BÉT50 - 2017 edition

BÉT50 kiadvány 2016

BÉT50 - 2016 edition