BSE's Indices

Domestic equity indices

The equity indices of the stock exchange show the price changes of the shares traded on BSE in one single figure. The indices are the follows:

Regional equity indices

BSE calculates CETOP regional blue chip indices, which track the trends of the equity markets of the Central-European stock exchanges. The indices reflect the performance of companies with the biggest market value and turnover in the Central European region. BSE calculates CETOP as price index once a day and also as net toal return index in real time.

Mortgage bond indices

The purpose of the new indices is to provide information about the performance of BSE listed domestic mortgage bonds denominated in HUF in order to assist investors in pricing mortgage bonds, and to help evaluate the performance of mortgage bond portfolios.

Corporate bond indices

The purpose of the new indicies is to provide information about the performance of the non-financial corporate bond market and to help investors.

Index licensing

The indices designed, calculated and published by Budapest Stock Exchange are registered trademarks. The non-exclusive right to use one or more of these indices as underlying for public issues of OTC or exchange tradable structured products is granted only upon a previous conclusion of a license agreement.


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