In our daily tasks, we work with many successful, innovative and privately owned Hungarian businesses.

We have implemented the acquisition, sale, restructuring or financing plans of countless business owners. Thanks to this experience, we have once again had the honour of being commissioned by the Budapest Stock Exchange to identify 50 inspiring Hungarian companies.

It was not an easy task, because there are now hundreds of medium-sized companies in our country that are operating successfully, are IPO-ready, are ready to grow further and raise funds, and are able to follow the megatrends required to do so.

The companies featured in this publication are excellent ex- amples of this. They have a proven ability to work successfully and effectively. In the challenging period behind us, they have shown that they can adapt and overcome problems. They are ready to move up a level.

I am sure that the stories we are about to learn will be inspiring for all business leaders who want to increase the competitive- ness of their companies in the long term.

They, like the businesses presented here, face the same megatrends as well as growth and digitisation pressures. Indeed, organic growth, revenue and profit growth can only be maintained if they are responsive to external factors, such as technological developments.

BSE50 companies are ready for a changing world. From here on, it is their decision to go public. They deserve every credit.

It is my personal mission that the EY Strategy and Transactions team can help as many Hungarian companies as possible to follow their example and reach or even exceed their growth potential