In compiling the publication, we have once again, examined companies in all sectors of the economy, and strived to show the greatest diversity possible. We chose companies that fared exceptionally well in the last years in terms of both revenue and financial results – but the element that makes success stories truly special is often the story, vision, or founder behind the numbers.

While the highly efficient multinational companies present in Hungary play an undeniable role in the success of the Hungarian economy, Hungarian-owned, dynamically growing large enterprises are becoming more and more significant. In order to realise the shift in competitiveness defined as an economic policy goal, we not only need more Hungarian large enterprises, but also for the efficiency of small and medium enterprises to improve significantly. The BSE can play a key role in both aspect, which may increase the role of the Stock Exchange in economic development even further.

Hungarian-owned large corporations operate with a Hungarian decision-making centre, keeping their innovation and R&D centres here, and creating lucrative, high-added-value jobs. With enough dedication and a presence on the stock market, they can evolve into “national champions” that realise regional acquisitions, making it possible for them to become blue chip companies quoted on the stock exchange.

As part of the BSE’s 2016-2020 stock market development strategy, our active service development and education programme strives to offer stock exchange financing opportunities that are real options for Hungarian medium enterprises. Our programmes for medium enterprises have now developed into a valuable offer with a wide range of development opportunities, meaning that a company can both finance developments and acquire the knowledge necessary to progress to the next level. Our goal is to let medium enterprises grow into internationally competitive, professional, and transparent large enterprises with support from the BSE, which is what our programme package for these companies help with: our ELITE programme in cooperation with the London Stock Exchange Group, our Mentoring Programme, our Circle of Nomads, the National Capital Development Fund, and the BSE Xtend market.

We enjoyed listening to managers talk about their successes, their road to success, or even their hardships. We believe that with the right support, there are, and can be, more and more businesses in Hungary that have the potential to evolve into internationally competitive, dominant companies.

We thank our partners EY and Figyelő for their help in creating this publication, and every manager and professional organisation for accepting our request to take part in it. As for our readers, we hope that this year’s BSE50 stories are a source of inspiration to them!

Richárd Végh, CEO of the BSE